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Business leaders have said if any elections were
to be held in Zimbabwe, they should not be
allowed to disrupt the economy and that could
only happen if conditions under which the polls
are conducted were agreeable to all contesting
The president of the Confederation of Zimbabwe
Industries ( CZI ) , Joseph Kanyekanye , said last
week elections were really not necessary at the
moment .
“ Industry feels the country must first attain full
economic stabilisation before any election is
held , ” Kanyekanye said in a statement .
“ If elections are held now , they are likely to
affect the progress that industry has made . ”
Politicians have indicated elections were likely to
be held sometime this year .
Economic analyst Eric Bloch said if elections
were held they would have to be free and fair .
“ Elections are not a problem as long as they are
free and fair . If they are not free and fair , the
economy is likely to go backwards,” Bloch said .
Bloch said the process and outcome of the
elections would affect foreign investment .
“ The manner in which the elections will be held
and the outcome will greatly determine foreign
investment and support,” he said.
“ It is critical that whatever happens does not
chase away potential foreign investments into
the country . ”
Business has spoken with one voice on the issue
of elections .
CZI said the coalition government had made
progress which had seen the stabilisation of the

STAFF WRITER – Feb 27 2011 18 : 14