Poverty levels in Zimbabwe shocking — Makhurane

Posted: 03/03/2011 in Economy, Education, Poverty, Zimbabwe

Renowned academic and educationist Phineas
Makhurane has said Zimbabweans continue to
live in abject poverty despite having a good
education system and highly -skilled manpower .
Makhurane was addressing delegates at the
launch of the Zimbabwe Economics Society
( ZES )’ s Policy Options for a Pro -Poor Economic
Development: Strategies in Zimbabwe report at
a local hotel on Tuesday .
The report follows research funded by the
United Nations Development Programme .
ZES president Lovemore Kadenge said the
research focused mainly on Bulawayo and
Harare .
The former National University of Science and
Technology vice- chancellor said while the ability
of Zimbabweans to acquire knowledge was
undoubted, it was shocking that poverty still
haunted the country .
“ It is clear that in Zimbabwe there is poverty
which is increasing and it seems cannot be
eradicated completely . Many people here fall
below the poverty datum line and all of us are
touched by poverty directly or through our
extended families.
“ We have a big problem here , a big problem of
poverty. I have never doubted the ability of
Zimbabweans to acquire knowledge or skill even
where poverty is concerned . I can testify that
ours has been the best system of education in
the whole world although we could have done
better in fostering an entrepreneurial education .
“ The question then is , why in light of this
knowledge and skills capacity , are we still poor ?
As a nation we lack one crucial thing , which is
the correct attitude, that is the willingness to
implement our know-what and our know-how .
Knowledge, skill and the correct attitude do not
overlap in our case,” he said.
Zimbabwe Commercial Farmers ’ Union
president Donald Khumalo said :
“ From a civic society ’ s point of view , it is
important that people own their destiny, drive
programmes and decide what they want in their
communities . It is important to get to the
bottom of the problem with the poor
communities than to prescribe solutions from
above . ”
Bulawayo East MDC-T MP Thabitha Khumalo
said from a Matabeleland perspective, there
were leaders who relished in the under –
development of some regions in the country .
“ In Africa, we are rich in natural resources, but
we are very poor . Europe has no resources, but
their people are living in comfort . Why ? The only
buildings constructed in Bulawayo after
independence are the ones that were built by
pension funds.
“ There is a deliberate exclusion of Matabeleland
in terms of infrastructural development . It ’ s
either they forget we are there or they don’ t like
us. We have rulers who believe that some parts
of this country should not be developed for
reasons best known to them , ” Khumalo said .

2011 10 : 35


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