‘ Clean yourselves, sanctions will go’

Posted: 12/02/2011 in Human Rights, Sanctions, Violence, ZANU-PF

The issue of sanctions has sparked heated
debate in the Upper House of Parliament Friday
where senators from Zanu PF and MDC-T
clashed over the rationale and the extent of the
effects of the Western -imposed restrictive
The mover of the motion , Zanu PF non-
constituency Senator Aguy Georgias, who is also
Deputy Minister of Public Works , said sanctions
were hurting close to 87 % of the Zimbabwe
population , which he said was now living on less
than $ 1 ,25 per day .
Zanu PF Senator for Chimanimani, Monica
Mutsvangwa, concurred and said Zimbabwe was
being punished for giving land to the blacks .
“ We are talking about a country which is
sovereign and has got its own rights to have
total control of its own resources and no other
country can tell Zimbabwe what to do with its
own resources,” said Mutsvangwa.
“ The countries that have imposed sanctions on
Zimbabwe did that for regime change and now
they have seen it is impossible to bring regime
change in Zimbabwe. ”
Mashonaland Central Governor Martin Dinha
weighed in and said sanctions were illegal
because they were not sanctioned by the United
Nations .
MDC-T MPs interjected fiercely charging Zanu PF
was seeking to hide behind sanctions while
perpetrating acts of violence and human rights
abuses against the people of Zimbabwe. Morgan
Komichi, an MDC-T non-constituency senator
said Zanu PF should concentrate on finding the
root causes of the sanctions .
“ If I have flies continuously following me, it
means something behind my back is attracting
those flies and the only way to chase those flies
away is to wash my body . It means there is
something wrong with Zimbabwe and this land
needs to be cleansed so that sanctions do not
follow us, ” said Komichi .
He said the people in Zanu PF affected by
targeted sanctions should desist from the
culture of violence and non-tolerance of political
divergence , as well as militarisation of villages .
Chitungwiza Senator James Makore said indeed
Zanu PF and Zapu PF fought for Zimbabwe to
gain freedom , but unfortunately after
independence those freedoms were still being
undermined and hence the sanctions .

Mzilikazi Senator Matson Hlalo said the 2002
elections caused the Commonwealth and other
countries in the West to impose targeted
sanctions and that the targeted sanctions did
not in any way affect bilateral trade between
Zimbabwe the European Union and United
States of America as it had doubled since 2003 .
Emganwini Senator Siphiwe Ncube accused
Zanu PF of using sanctions as a scapegoat for
the economic damage the party had visited
upon the country and also to distract attention
from corrupt activities .

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