Stop crying — Zim told

Posted: 03/02/2011 in AU, Economy, Elections, Mugabe, Politics, Sanctions, Tsvangirai

Zimbabwe should stop “ crying ”
about sanctions and focus on
socio- economic recovery as an
immediate priority , African
Union Commission officials in
Addis Ababa said recently .
In separate interviews , officials
in the Political Affairs
departments on Human Rights
and Elections and those on
Peace and Security , who
preferred anonymity , said
Zimbabwe should learn from
China and India , which charted
their own economic
development paths by focusing
on national priorities , such as
investment in basic sectors and
the development of science and
“ They ( Zimbabwean
government) do not need to cry
about Western sanctions . By
crying over those sanctions , the
West is getting more and more
convinced that its sanctions are
biting deeper into the pockets of
Zimbabwean politicians, ” said
one official urging President
Robert Mugabe and Prime
Minister Morgan Tsvangirai not
to lose sight of what was
“ Surely, why can ’ t Mr Mugabe
and Mr Tsvangirai open their
eyes and minds to see and learn
from the Chinese and Indian
ways of making Western
sanctions redundant ?”
On elections , the officials
challenged African leaders at
the summit to persuade
President Mugabe not to rush
into them .
They pointed out that
conducting polls in Zimbabwe in
2011 would be disastrous .
“ Those AU members states and
those at the AU Commission,
who are convinced that
Zimbabwe is about to author its
own tragedy by getting into an
election in 2011 , should really
beat the drums louder and
louder for Mr Mugabe and Mr
Tsvangirai to change course .
There is no need to hurry into
an election that would bring
more problems,” said another
official .
“ South Africa, as the mediator
in the Zimbabwe crisis , should
also help Zimbabwe to avoid the
blunder of rushing for elections
in 2011 . In some cases , the AU
is putting member states at a
disadvantage by clinging to a
culture of silence over wrong
things . Let us call a spade a
spade . Rot is rot and it cannot
taste like sugar . ”
When approached , the AU
Commissioner for Political
Affairs Ambassador Julia Dolly
Joiner shook her head and
walked away, while another
official Ambassador Emile
Ognimba said he could speak
on any other issue except
“ The only person that can speak
on Zimbabwe is the
chairperson . I am sorry but if
you want anything else, we can
talk ,” he said.
When NewsDay finally managed
to corner AU Commission
chairperson Jean Ping , he just
smiled and referred all
questions to his spokesperson ,
who kept saying : “ We will talk
later . ”

ETHIOPIA – Feb 02 2011 19 : 29

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