Poverty line rises for families in Zimbabwe

Posted: 31/01/2011 in Economy

HARARE , Zimbabwe – –
Zimbabwe’s state statistics
agency says the poverty line for
maintaining a family of five rose
to $467 each month last year
without increased earnings to
cover the 8 percent rise .
The nation ‘s 240, 000 civil
servants, teachers and
government workers are
planning to strike to protest
average monthly incomes of
around $ 200. With massive
unemployment, most
Zimbabweans survive on the
equivalent of about $1 a day .
Two million people are set to
receive food aid in coming
months , according to the United
Nations .
The former regional
breadbasket is struggling to
emerge from political gridlock,
economic collapse and
international isolation and
sanctions after President Robert
Mugabe ordered the seizures of
thousands of white -owned
farms in 2000 , disrupting the
agriculture- based economy.

The Associated Press
Monday, January 31 , 2011; 5: 54


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